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what is 1:1

online coaching

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I offer an online training service for people who want to train with me but aren't able to do so due to location, global pandemic, etc. 

This service is different from other typical online training because I try to make it as "in-person" and individualized as possible.

I've tried "distance programming" where interactions are solely through a weekly email and the client just receives a modified new workout every so often, and while that's better than nothing, it isn't the way I wanted to conduct my training business.

As a trainer, I didn't feel I could do my job effectively that way, and I didn't feel like it was the best choice for the client's either. 

My online training program has evolved through the innovative approach of virtual training I started in quarantine. Through much trial and error, I have developed a system that I am really happy with and that works almost just as good as (if not better than) in-person training!

how it works

Step 1


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The process begins with an application. This is to better help me understand your needs as a client and how exactly I can help you. 

This application covers your training history (if any), injury history (if any), your goals, as well as some other useful information to help with your programming.

After you finish completing the application, you will get a confirmation email letting you know it's been submitted.

I will then be contacting you within the next 24 hours to set up the second step of the process, which is the interview!

Step 2



Although I call this step the interview, it's actually just a long conversation (phone call or video chat) where we get to know each other and discuss your goals, training history, and injury history, in more detail.


We also discuss your nutrition and lifestyle habits (the good and not so good ones), your current obstacle's that you may or may not be facing. 


As well as other important questions such as your favorite Netflix series to binge (Mine currently is the Umbrella Academy, if you were wondering)... you know, the essentials.

Step 3



Step 3 is where the real fun for me begins.

I take all the information gathered from our call and put together an initial plan. During this phase, we stay in close contact via phone and or email to modify the program as needed.


This plan will contain your workouts and macronutrient targets. This app not only works as a way for me to deliver your workouts but also lets you track your nutrition so that we can measure progress and modify them as needed.


Step 4


After the creation of your personalized program and a quick run down of what to expect I will then take your first month's payment.

I don't collect payment until I am confident that you will be satisfied with the program I deliver.

I also require a minimum commitment of three month's because real results take real-time.


Step 5


Time to start!

It usually takes anywhere from 24-72 hours from step 1 to step 5 because all programs are completely 100% original and I pride myself on delivering quality!

During this stage, you get to begin your own personalized program. 

If you need a form check, you can record your form so I can make sure you're doing everything correctly, especially on new exercises that you haven't done before.


I'll admit that I can be quite a stickler on the form; however, a good program on paper means nothing if you aren't performing it properly. 

Step 6



The first few weeks will have regular check-ins to iron out the kinks of setting up foundations.

We will stay in close contact in-app ( you can message me 24/7 I will always respond as I check into the app multiple times a day ) to make sure you're progressing properly and your training is staying fun and optimal.

I put a lot into providing the best service I can to my clients no matter what the challenges we are all facing. 

If you're serious about the process, please click the Get Started button below and we can hop on a call and see if it's a good fit and go from there. I look forward to hearing from you!

client testimonials



These workouts are kicking my butt! The plan Zen has me on is perfect, and I definitely see a difference since I've started on the routines he's created for me. Can't wait to see where his coaching takes me next!



Even though everything is through the app, it's way more helpful than when I was training with an in person trainer once a week. Since I started, I haven't missed a single workout! Thanks Zen.



After quarantine hit, I felt like I lost all my gains and was unmotivated to workout again. However, working with Zen's programming really helped me to get right back to where I left off and I feel great!

Fitness Equipment

My approach is all about combining your short term goals without neglecting your long term health! Your future self will thank you for it!


Not sure?

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