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First, I'd like to thank you for showing interest in my coaching services. Even though you aren't ready to commit 1:1 Online Coaching right now, I am grateful in the opportunity to spread some of my coaching wisdom to another human being. I hope you find even if only one of these coaching tips helpful! That would truly make my day!


Let's get started!


coaching block #01

Identify your WHY! 

Having a strong understanding of why you want, or better yet, why you need to accomplish something will better help you to make that necessary first step towards achievements. 

Slow and Steady.png

coaching block #02

Start off with what you can manage.

It is better to set realistic expectations. If you surpass them awesome, but setting unrealistic expectations just reinforces the negative habit of quitting.

In order to optimize a habit, we have to develop it first!


coaching block #03

Consistency wins every time.

No matter what your goal is in life. If it's worth it, it will take time.


Don't try to look for shortcuts or the next fad diet or workout, doing so will inevitably lead to wasting more time that you intended and time is literally the most valuable currency we cannot get once spent. 


coaching block #04

We tend to navigate life with an negative mindset, a glass half empty, not by choice but by habit. 

The best way to combat this is by practicing an attitude of gratitude.

Even if you view yourself as  a "realist" the realist thing I know is that a negative mindset cannot exist within a mindset of gratitude. 

Dont Compare.png

coaching block #05

Your only competition is yourself. 

In the age of social media, it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed with everyone's highlight reel. However, this is not real life. Everyone has their own struggles they go through, even if they don't show it.

The only person's progress you need to concern yourself with is your own and not anyone else's. 


coaching block #06

My first of four rules to achieving any form of progress is to make it enjoyable. 

If it's not enjoyable, you'll find any reason to quit!


coaching block #07

My second of four rules to achieving any form of progress is to make it measurable. 

You need to find a way of measuring growth, no matter what that metric may be, but this will help you see progress when otherwise it may not actually be visible at first glance. 


coaching block #08

My third of four rules to achieving any form of progress is to make it challenging. 

If it's too easy, you won't feel the need to grow. You need to give yourself an appropriate challenge, something that might even scare you at first, but with proper planning and execution you can overcome anything. 

This kind of challenge always leads to progress in all aspects of life. 


coaching block #09

My final rule to achieving any form of progress is to make it repeatable. 

What ever system you may have developed, repeat it. Over and over again. Make necessary adjustments when needed, but for the most part make progress and growth a habit.

Excuses or Results.png

coaching block #10

Remember that no one can tell you what you are capable of except you.

Whether you think you can or you think you cant, you are correct..

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