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"you'll never know what you're truly capable of unless you dare to believe in yourself"


About me

I'm a Personal Trainer, Educator, Fitness Enthusiast, Business Owner, Dog Lover, Artist, and a trusted Weight-Loss Coach. 


I've had the pleasure of starting my journey as a Trainer in 2013. Since then, I have helped hundreds of individuals achieve an array of goals: 


  • Drop 8 dress sizes

  • Lose 100+ Pounds

  • Run a marathon

  • Deadlift 2x their body weight

  • Jump onto a 60-inch box

  • Bike 100 + miles in Spain

  • and more


I've also had the pleasure of being an integral part of my client's lives when they achieved what they thought was unachievable. 

However it's not always about the up's in life but getting back up once you are knocked down.


Fitness Achievements

In 2015, I began to fall in love with competitive bodybuilding and decided to try my hand at training to compete in my first Physique competition in 2016. I trained for 11 months to prepare and I placed fourth in my first show. I wasn't satisfied with fourth place, so I used the feedback from the judges and fine tuned what needed to in order to win my next show in 2017, where I placed first in Novice Open.


overcoming set backs

Now I don't want you to think my fitness journey has always been sunshine and rainbows. Along with my fitness competitions I developed unhealthy eating habits (yes even I have also struggled with eating healthy) and became deconditioned after my competition in 2017. In an effort to get back what I had lost, I started playing basketball 3-5 times a week. However, I did not listen to my body and rest when needed and the results were almost catastrophic.

In 2019, I ruptured my Achilles tendon during a pick-up basketball game and would have to spend the next few months relearning how to walk, run, and jump.

moving forward

In the infamous year of 2020, I went from fully recovering my Achilles tendon rupture to being furloughed from the box gym I had worked at for nearly 7 years. Due to the pandemic, it left many like myself and my clients displaced, unmotivated, and falling back into unhealthy habits.


Knowing how difficult it is to go from being super active to being stuck at home every day, I wanted to help out as many client's keep their positive habits and continue to better their overall health! That lead to me starting Rezenercise, so I could help my clients stay accountable and I could bring their workouts to them!

profile-pic (3).png

What started as virtual coaching, quickly grew into becoming a full-time online fitness trainer. Now I help people just like you reclaim their fitness, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve mobility, or just get healthier overall without the constraints of geography or time. 

Now I want to help you reach your true fitness! I truly believe that everyone deserves a chance to better themselves and grow into the person they were meant to be. To wake up energized and eager to take the day by storm. To build the habits and systems that will allow them to build their ultimate self and to kick bad habits to the curb. I believe that you can accomplish anything you want with a solid plan and the willingness to take action. I want to provide you that plan, specific to you and your needs. 


All I need from you is   action.

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