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virtual training

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Virtual Training is online personal training wherever, whenever. With personalized strength training, hiit, and cardio workouts designed for each individual in mind. Nutritional guidance for goal oriented eating habits and Accountability week in and week out. 

ReZenercise online training is the solution you have been searching for.

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the virtual coach

Zen Abdul is known for helping clients achieve healthier and more fit versions of themselves. He was not always so athletically inclined, so it wasn't until his early college years that he found his way into the gym on purpose. With a mixture of weekly basketball games and hour long weight sessions, his healthy lifestyle began to manifest and his passion for fitness blossomed.


Fueled by fitness & motivated by inspiring others, Zen has discovered his purpose outside of the gym, to help people take back control of their lives and reignite their fitness.

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what clients get:

Monthly Programs
Nutritional Guidance
24/7 access


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